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Start managing your manpower consultancy directly with PValue Manpower ERP.

Our specialized Manpower consultancy software will also assist you in uploading and securely storing all of your candidates’ records. You will also be able to keep track of your day-to-day finances and other office expenses here.

PValue ERP is the perfect solution for manpower supply companies, ensuring success through our knowledge in business operations. It connects features like entire recruitment procedures, customer quotations, reports, HRMS and invoice creation, and much more.

ERP Key Highlights

The ERP Software aids in the overall operation of a company activities; in manpower supply, the usage of ERP offers an extra benefit.

Connect People With The Perfect CRM in the ERP.

The Advanced Lead part of Manpower Supply ERP comprises the collection of candidate details, Leads life stage: Understand the lead's life stage (New/Qualified/Opportunity, etc.). Additional data can be entered into custom fields. The best feature of the ERP software is the ability to assign team members to the lead.

Followup Candidate by Recurring Facility.

Add follow-up by using the followup category, status, follow up type, Also available are rich text descriptions for further details. Assign another person is the vital part of the candiadte followup. Integrated Followup based on Pending/Partial/Overdue invoices for who need to use maintain the account transactions.

Filter & track the Recruitment Status. Generate Invoice.

Advanced filter section is available for sorting candidates by status, category, or any manner that makes it easy to track candidate details. ERP  supports personalised candidate login. A proposal template that has been entirely customised for admin to send email to candidates on a standard level. A variety of reports are generated for the Manpower Recruitment ERP.

Manpower Supply ERP Software Features

Candidate Leads

  1. Add/Edit/Delete leads
  2. Convert leads to customer
  3. Leads source: Know which source (e.g google/facebook etc) leads are converting to more customers.
  4. Leads life stage: Know the life stage of lead (New/Qualified/Opportunity/ etc)


  1. Followup with Leads, customers & Supplier
  2. One-time followup
  3. Recurring followups
  4. Followup based on Pending/Partial/Overdue invoices

Generate Invoice

  1. Add/Edit/Delete Invoice
  2. Draft/Suspend Option
  3. Cash/Card/Multi pay Method
  4. Payment Notification through SMS/Email.
  5. Track Invoice Reports

We Build Lasting Relationships Between Candidates & Businesses

We have established ourselves as one of the leading Manpower Supply software service providers to our esteemed clients. We supply staff with significant competence in PHP and Laravel, which is beneficial in completing the essential task properly. Clients can use our above-mentioned service for skilled or semi-skilled individuals based on their job requirements. Clients can also obtain this Manpower Supply on a daily or project basis, depending on their needs, at an affordable price.

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ERP Screenshots

Candidate Lead

Candidate Lead

The first part of every manpower supply consultancy is to collect candidate details.

Candidate Followup

The most important aspect of any manpower recruitment service is following up with your candidate.

Generate Invoice

The most important aspect of any manpower recruitment service is following up with your candidate.

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Login as Manager

– Username: cadmin
– Password: 123456