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Key Features of PValue's Restaurant Management Software

Simplified restaurant operations with PValue ERP solutions to manage Table, Service Staff, Service Screen, Appointments & Bookings

Restaurant Point of Sale(POS)

Quick and efficient restaurant billing at your fingertips. Get visual representation of products, special type of service, draft and bulk order quotation - all at a glance using our restaurant software.


Organise customers by tables for Restaurants. Automated reports of total table sales. Tables are used on the POS screen to take orders for a specific table.


Orders are assigned to Service Staff in POS screen. “Service Staff” can see a new menu “Orders” which will help them to know all the orders for them. They can View the order item and change the order status.

Appointments &

All "Today's Bookings" will be displayed. A calendar is available, and you can "Double" click any date to add appointments for it. In the add booking screen, you can specify the location, customer, correspondent, table, service staff, start and end time. Customers can also be notified.

in POS

Modifiers are extras that can be added to a product, such as more cheese on a sandwich. When a product is added for sale in the POS screen, the modifiers that can be used for that product are displayed.

Auto-refresh kitchen & Order screen

When an order is received on the POS screen, it is reflected in the Kitchen screen. Order information is available here. Cooked orders can be marked. After confirming it as Cooked, it will appear in the Order screen for the service provider, allowing them to serve the customer.

Reward Points

Enhance your consumer loyalty by offering

  • Complete reward points earning settings.
  • Complete reward point redemption settings.
  • Reward point expiry
Restaurant ERP Software Screenshots:

Cloud-based Restaurant management software

If you are a restaurant owner trying to expand your business, your primary goal should be to serve clients faster. The cornerstone to "PValue Restaurant ERP" is our Cloud-based restaurant management system, which is simple to use and accessible from anywhere, at any time, and with any browser.

Login as Manager

– Username: manager
– Password: 123456

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– Username: service_staff
– Password: 123456

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