When submitting academic literature for review or publication, it must be an original reflection of your views and efforts. This does not mean that you cannot be inspired by other people’s research; it just means that you must give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism occurs when you offer someone else’s thoughts and ideas as your own without acknowledging their contribution. While you may not knowingly plagiarise someone else’s work, doing so is not only unethical, but also a major violation of institutional norms.

What will my school/college/university do if plagiarism is discovered in my work?

The penalties for this infraction vary, however they can include

  • Warnings
  • Fines
  • Being debarred from an institution
  • Removal from a Ph.D. program and prevention from joining any other similar courses

The severity of the penalty is proportional to the degree of plagiarism in the submitted work. There are various sorts of plagiarised content, ranging from using the exact same content as the source to fabricating project references.

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