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With the PValue AOMS application, You can govern any Lawyer Office System; This cloud-based application can manage your Whole case management system in many ways. For example, lawyers, contractual, case, and all information. PValue AOMS is a tightly fledged management solution for your legal case management.

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Top Features

Advocate Office Management System Software is a cloud-based application used to manage advocates as well as law firms’ offices. 

Also, this application is a simple to use. Moreover, it is lighter on platform tool to keep track of clients, cases, hearings, and so on.


Admin can create clients, update/delete existing clients in this advocate software. Also can export list(CSV,PDF) of clients.


Court Master is used to create new courts. As well as update / delete existing courts. 

All Cases

Admin can create new cases and update cases. Even hearing  Judgement and Notes can be managed. 


User is able to create unlimited appointments with their contacts. 


The Best Complete Automated Office Software for Advocates

Welcome to Fully Automated Court Case Management Software

The PValue Advocate Office Management System is a cloud-based case management for lawyers. And it is for managing an advocate’s office’s back-end tasks. The application includes modules such as Contact & Clients Management. Also Case Management, Employee Management, and Task Management too. Because the whole history of each case is available with a simple click. Thus the program assists advocates in managing their cases. In addition the program also assists them in successfully managing their redundant work. And they are in the form of alerts and complaints.


All Features – PValue Advocate Management System Software

Contact Section

In the contact section, Firstly, you can add new contacts and contact categories. Also, you can search  contacts.
Contact Section includes:
 • Contact list
 • Contact category

Client Section

In the client section, you can add the client and client category. Also, you can search for clients.

Client section includes:

 • Client list 
 • Client category

Cause Section

In cause section you can create and search all details about a case.
Cause Section includes:
 • Cause list               • All case
 • Add new case       • Case category
 • Judgement case  • Closed case

Court Section

The court section, you can add and search court and court category.

 The Court section includes:
• Court list
• Court category

Task Section

In the task section, you can create and search task details.
Task section includes:
     • Tasklist
     • My task
     • Completed task

Human Resource

Handle the staffs makes it easy. Generation of payslip and payroll is also quick and simple now.
• Staff                  • Role          
• Attendance      • Attendance report
• Payroll               • Payroll reports
• Event   

Leave Section

In the leave section, you can manage leave by using PValue Associate.
Leave section includes:
• Leave type 
• Leave define
• Apply leave
• Pending leave
• Holiday setup
• Carry forward

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