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Are you aware of what you need to start a business? Starting a company includes recognizing and solving many issues like legal, finance, sales and marketing, the security of intellectual property, the security of liability, human resources, and more. Yet, curiosity is at an all-time peak in entrepreneurship. NEVER was it easier to start your own business? Our expert hands will help you to simplify the new business open process.  Steps to Start a Business.  Starting your own  Business. How to legally  Start a Business

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Benefits of Company Registration in India


Checking the Company Name Availability

First and foremost, you must search to see if the name suggested is valid before any company registration can take effect. Actually this is achieving online. And applicants can verify their preferred startup business names on the MCA 21 website. Afterward, if accepted, the name of the preferred organization will appear on the website. Thus you can register your start up business.


Acquiring a Director Identification Number (DIN)

A Director Identification Number (DIN) is a special identification number provided to any existing or potential directors of an incorporated company. You can get a provisional DIN by filling out the DIN-1 application form online. Following that, a printed and signed version of the form will get. And we should forward it to the ministry. Along with proof of identity and address for approval of your own business. So after verification of the documents. And after acceptance of the application, they issue a permanent DIN.


Acquiring a Digital Signature Certificate

A digital signature certificate is an electronic key issued for validating. Also for identifying the holder of that certificate. One of the accredited organizations registered with the Minister will issue the certificate. As one of the steps for starting a small business, this is very important. When applying for a Digital Signature Certificate for your new business, the business directors must request some documents too. And they are an identification form, identity proof, and permanent proof of address.

Obtaining an Incorporation Certificate

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs issues an incorporation certificate for all small business startups. And it is using as a justification for the company’s constitution. You must submit e-form 32, e-form 1, and e-form 18 online on the official website of the Ministry of Company Affairs. Besides, you must submit one copy of each to the Registrar of Companies. They are the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation (MoA and AoA), the consent of directors, and a stamped copy of the power of attorney.


Creating a Company Seal for official documentation

Papers must bear a corporate seal when exchanging certificates and other official records of your own business. In fact, the approximate expense of obtaining an official seal depends on the total number of words to be written on it. Also included are the total quantity of seals created and the time frame for shipping the seals.


Stamping of all Company Documents

The application to have the incorporation documents of the company stamped must always have the unsigned copies of the memorandum and articles of association. These should get attached alongside the receipt of payment for the same to run a start-up business. You should pay the stamp duty for such documents online to the Registrar of Companies too. As a result of this request, the Superintendent will return the copies. One of which is properly stamped, signed, and embossed. Finally, the company’s promoters must sign the MoA and AoA. 


Acquiring a Permanent Account Number (PAN)

The filing of Form 49A is requiring to apply for PAN. So if you have purchased a personalized PAN, you will get a physical version of the PAN card by official post to your registered address. Also, we can render the PAN application digitally. Yet, the appropriate papers would also have to be physically delivered for final validation. PAN is an important document included in the list of requirements to start a business.


Acquiring a Tax Account Number (TAN)

As per the Government of India, the Tax Deduction Account Number or Tax Collection Account Number (TAN) is  a special number provided by the Income-Tax Department to all organizations. It also serves as confirmation that they are eligible to deduct or collect tax at the source. To receive this number, complete form 49B and submit it to a TIN facilitation center. Finally, after the checking of the document, you have to send it to the Department of Income Tax. And they release TAN. Also, you can make the application for a TAN offline or via the NSDL website. Even for the running of small business too, TAN is required.

Obtaining a certificate from the State/Municipal Inspector under the Shops and Establishment Act

You must make clear the document that contains the names of the employer/manager, and the approved name of the corporation. Also, the permanent postal address and business division to the State Shop and Establishment Administrator. This should give along with payment of the relevant fees to build a start-up business. Because all firms must get a license within one month (30 days) of their establishment. This is a critical stage in the process of obtaining a business license.


Applying for GST Registration

 As a step to create a start-up business, GST registration is a must-have thing. And this is for any company that supplies products and services via states. And has an annual gross revenue of more than INR 40 lakhs/20 lakhs too. As a result, before proceeding with any other process, this should be a priority for a new business registration


Obtaining a Profession Tax Certificate from the State Profession Tax Office

To initiate a start up business, an employer (who is not a government official) is liable to taxes. And must get a registration certificate from the appropriate authority. In addition, a corporation must file Form 1 with the State Professional Tax Office to apply for the Certificate of Professional Tax. This is one of the steps to start a business.


Completing a National Employees’ Provident Fund Registration

Employers have to provide information about the staff to the local Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This is one of the steps to start a business. This must be achieved in a specific way, so that the organization may be assigned an Establishment Code Number (ECN). This procedure comes under the employer’s exclusive purview. And workers do not need to make different applications.

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