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Our Story

PValue Solutions concerns ourselves by providing top of the line statistical and analytical assistance and services to any and all business ventures.

At PValue Solutions, we help out clients make quality-of-life changes by analyzing the underlying crux of every business, that is The Data. 

Companies have data, but they cannot simply look at tables and come to a conclusion on how to maximize sales. 

This is where PValue Solutions comes in. We help the client clean up their data to show only relevant data, use the data to understand it, generate insights from it and present it to the client.

Why we are different

PValue Solutions is also one of the very few academic institutions that offer certified courses in Data Science and Business Analytics, with our specialty being the highly sought-after SAS training.

PValue Solutions designed the course for graduates who want to learn widely acceptable data mining, exploration tools, techniques and wish to build a booming career around data analytics.

In addition, PValue Solutions offer statistical service to help with both quantitative and qualitative projects requiring data analysis or statistical helps in;

Personalized Service

We consider each client unique and work on their problems with them.

Highly Skilled

We know what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming next.

Deeply Committed

We 're quick to deliver results to our clients. We don't want our customers waiting.

Our Employees

Noel George

Noel George


Nidheesh Krishnan

Nidheesh Krishnan

Junior software developer