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ERP Software for Manufacturers & Business

PValue ERP is a Cloud-based ERP software in Bangalore for Manufacturers and Businesses that is exclusively created with Anywhere, Anytime Access in mind.
Eliminate costs and inefficiencies by utilising many nonfunctional features. The erp helps to  Boost Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

PValue ERP

Complete ERP for Manufacturers in Bangalore.

Manufacturing is the process of transforming raw materials by hand or machine into finished products that may be sold to customers.

This ERP software supports you with the entire manufacturing process, including recipe preparation, production, raw material costs, production costs, lot number, expiry, and much more…


A recipe provides the exact proportions of raw materials or ingredients to be utilised in the production of the finished product. Standard manufacturing procedures are followed where ingredients or raw materials are processed in specific quantities to produce a quality finished product.


In production, based on the recipe added for products, it displays the total quantity of all raw materials required to manufacture N quantity of product.
There may be further stages such as cost estimates, waste calculations, allocating lot numbers, and expiry dates for the created goods.

Reports & Settings

Additional settings are provided to enable or disable editing of ingredients quantity when doing production.
Also, prefix can be added to the production reference number. Easy to generate Item wise and product wise reports.

PValue ERP Bangalore

Exclusive Features of ERP

Cost Calculations:

The final product’s cost is determined by raw material costs, production costs (labour costs, machinery costs, fuel costs for machines such as Petrol/LPG/Electricity), and waste. Furthermore, a profit percentage will be applied to the selling price in addition to the manufacturing cost.

Wastage Calculations:

Wastage can occur in the form of raw materials or finished goods. Wastage of raw materials might occur when, for example, cauliflower needs to be cleaned by removing leaves and stems; this contributes to wastage because it is thrown away and not used. Manufactured products can sometimes be squandered due to leakage, poor quality, or other uncontrollable causes.

Lot number:

Most manufactured things have a Lot number, which allows for the tracking of constituent parts or ingredients, as well as personnel and equipment records involved in the product’s fabrication. This enables manufacturers and other entities to do quality control checks on subsets of their production output and deliver adjustments or recall information. It also provides consumers with an identity that they may use to contact the producer and study the production of the goods they have received.

Expiration Date:

Expiry dates are applied to food items, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and many other manufactured products when the age of the product may effect its safe use. An expiration date, also known as an expiry date, best-before date, or use by date, is a predetermined date after which the product should no longer be utilised.



Benefits of ERP Software for Manufacturers & Business

Do you think it’s difficult to discover a feature-rich ERP Manufacturers and Business? Not all manufacturers in Bangalore can have it, or it must be expensive to get. Is that what you think? If so, then get rid of all your troubles. The reason for this is that PValue ERP has developed the Smartest ERP Software for all types of enterprises in Bangalore. Our cloud-based ERP software offers you with all types of features and benefits to your organisation, whether it is primarily located in Bangalore or a small firm in any State in India.

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PValue Solutions is actually groundbreaking and operates in a way that most “Manufacturer” ERP systems do not. We have taken classic ERP functions and blended them with powerful features.