Annual Maintenance Contract


Maintenance and Support

PValue Solutions provides an end-to-end business solution for software  support and maintenance services, bug fixing, and change management needs. Our application maintenance services include Preventive, Responsive, and Proactive Administration, which helps our clients maintain a competitive advantage while minimizing their total cost of ownership for application maintenance. Our annual maintenance contract (AMC) comprises full or limited hardware and software support for IT infrastructure.

Annual Maintenance Contract


How We Do

Phase 1 Support

Our P1 support team monitor first notifications to ensure that we can reply quickly. If problems with low network speed, application stability, or other issues develop, the team will examine the data and identify the best method to remedy the issue.

Our P1 services cover:

If necessary, our P1 engineers escalate tickets to Phase 2 or Phase 3 support. All our support is initiated using our ticketing system.

Phase 2 Support

After receiving feedback from P1 support, we will prioritise the tickets and transfer them to P2 if escalation is required; otherwise, they will be resolved at the P1 level..

Our P2 Engineers can:

If the system failure is the result of a bug in the source code, the support request will be assigned to a Phase 3 engineer.

Phase 3 Support

If the problem requires changes to the source code our P3 engineers will troubleshoot difficult technical challenges in accordance with the reports provided by the P1 and P2 team.

Our P3 engineers will troubleshoot difficult technical challenges such as:

During this phase, the raised ticket will be resolved to the best of our ability.

The AMC fees, which cover all servers and domains, also include free access to upcoming releases, basic plan and only charge 25% of the licencing cost. Every year following that, there will be a ten percent increase.



Basic Plan

Default Plan


₹ 8999/Year



Post plan support will be charged standard rates. All rates are exclusive of tax


The application maintenance services deliverables are as follows:

  • Maintenance of existing code
  • Solving day-to-day operational issues
  • Version control of the application source code
  • Development of add-ins to the application
  • Periodic releases
  • Documentation
  • Performance enhancements

PValue Solutions application maintenance services assist you in making the most of your existing IT applications. The services are delivered utilising the Global Delivery Model and include offshore-ability analysis, maintainability analysis, maintenance, and improvement. We use structured knowledge management tools and other IP developed by our Maintenance Center of Excellence to extend the life of your systems, ensure that they evolve with your business, reduce system downtime, and assist you in focusing on strategic initiatives by reducing time spent on routine tasks.

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