PValue's Affiliate Marketing Program

PValue Solutions is one of the top attractions in India and around the world to get essential software. By becoming an affiliate partner for Affiliate Marketing Program, you can help sell products that give community more choices.

Redefined description for Marketing Jobs PValue solutions offers:

PValue Affiliate (PA)

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PValue Registered Affiliate (PRA)

How It Works


You can sign up for PValue Affiliate Marketing Program for free. You will be informed when your application has been reviewed and approved.


Every applicant will receive training in all software and other necessary facilities.


Become a PValue Affiliate and get the rewards that come with being a registered and acknowledged member of the PValue community.

PValue Affiliates

A Pvalue affiliate helps both individuals and companies in finding the ideal software solution for both their personal and professional needs. The majority of affiliates specialise in a certain niche, working with one type of software or within a particular portfolio. Others provide guidance on a variety of software services. In general, Pvalue affiliates assist people in locating and purchasing the appropriate software solution – typically at nominal cost.

Customers are represented by a Pvalue affiliates as they look for the best answers to their demands. They work for the client, not the company. However, Pvalue affiliates cannot bind the coverage on the client’s behalf because they are not business representatives. As a result, they give your lead to the business or one of its “Pvalue Registered Affiliates” so they may complete the procedure.

Affiliates Marketing

A PValue Affiliate

  • Listens and understands your customer requirements.
  • Conduct research with the Pvalue team to find the right product or combination of product that suits those requirements.
  • Offers objective, impartial advice on the product that is appropriate for your needs and fits your budget.
  • Helps you to understand the product of customer choice and explain the coverage and exclusions, honestly and clearly.
  • Avail the trial version of all the products to the customer.
  • Clearly states all costs of the product.
  • Provide clear information and documentation, also help with the onboarding, so there is no delay in availing the trial version.
  • Assist customers with preparing an upgradation or additional requirement.
  • Promotes new products via their established channels (online or offline) and earns an additional remuneration for doing so, which will be yearly recurring.

The definition of an PValue affiliate is essentially an advisor or negotiator who acts on customers behalf. Also, to dispel the common misconception, it doesn’t cost customer anything extra to use a PValue affiliate.

Roles of an affiliate

  • Generate business
  • Finding send handling new clients
  • Strong phone presence and experience in connecting with the clients
  • Generate leads
  • Upselling
  • Timely follow-up for early closing of a deal
  • Submit quotes to the prospective leads and ensure the payment
  • Handle negotiations and finalize business deals

Process to get registered as a PValue Affiliate

Apply online:

While applying itself candidate could opt for salaried or affiliate process.

First stage evaluation:

Background and the need of the candidate will be evaluated.

Basic training:

All Software including the other basic amenities training will be conducted to every applicant.

Three months hands-on training:

With the support (online/telephonic) of the excising executives from Pvalue Solutions the initial hands-on training will be conducted in their own leads.

Aptitude and performance assessment after 3 months:

Complete assessment from the company side.

Become a registered and recognized Pvalue Affiliate:

Will enjoy more benefits than a usual affiliate

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PValue Affiliate

Unique benefits available to affiliates






Frequently Asked Questions

A PValue Affiliate helps both individual people and companies to get the right software solution for themselves, their home, businesses and family. Many Affiliates focus on a niche, working with one kind of insurance or within a specific industry.

Yes, our program is free to join. You don’t need to be an existing PValue customer to become an affiliate, but we’d love for you to try our all-in-one marketing platform. You can start with the PValue Free plan and go from there. 

There are no limits on how much you can make.

For the recurring program, we pay commissions around the 20th of each month for verified sales from the previous month.

Register today and we’ll review your application within 3 to 4 business days.

That’s up to you! You choose which software to promote and which method or banners to use.

How PValue Affiliates Get Paid:

Affiliates do receive a commission from the company when they place customer’s business there. So, there is no specific financial burden over the customer. The only reason Affiliates has to decide on a specific product is when it is best for customer’s benefit. So, although Pvalue Affiliates works for customers, customers do not pay them directly. Their commissions are a percentage of your product costs, and they vary with Pvalue Affiliates and Pvalue Registered Affiliates. When a customer take a Pvalue Affiliates’s professional advice to buy any type of product, the customer does not pay a fee for the service they provide.

Pvalue Registered Affiliates hold licenses from the company where they work, and that license requires them to represent customer best interests. This legal duty helps ensure that Pvalue Registered Affiliates advise you to purchase the best product for you, not a particular company’s product.

How does someone qualify as a registered PValue Affiliate?

PValue Affiliates take courses and pass an assessment to get their license as PValue Registered Affiliates. They don’t need any formal education beyond targeted short-term courses to prepare for the PValue Registered Affiliates assessment. PValue Affiliates can have just a high school or a diploma.