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We furnish a common online platform for all young data aspirants which focus on data science, data analysis, and machine learning by SAS, Apache Spark, Python, R, Tableau, Statistics or any other topics on data science field. We connect and educate members of the data science community with professionals and various resources to help them build up a successful career in data science.

A community in the online environment promotes active learning by provoking the students to participate and learn together. Learning is a social activity by itself. We learn through contact and discourse with other persons more competent in the field.

What we Do?

We connect members of the data analytics related association with one another and with resources to assist them to build a successful career in Data Science. we tend to amplify the work of the members of the community by providing extremely visible platforms from that they can showcase what they build. we tend to educate by curating and sharing the collective knowledge of our community at our events and through multi-media projects all over the world. we collaborate with the the community and provide knowledgeable advice to new corporations, professional and non-profit organizations. Many data analysts want to remain in touch with their colleagues in similar professions in order to learn about new ideas and techniques.

Who Should Join?

  • Data Scientists
  • Analytics
  • Professionals
  • Pure Enthusiasts
  • Technologist
  • Statisticians
  • Bio-Statistician
  • Students
  • Data Aspirants

Why should you join?

We provide a community experience that includes a,
  • Platform to share learning
  • Social interaction – Meet Industries top leaders
  • Forum-based technical support
  • Access to educational material
  • Latest in technology, tools and trends
  • Industry job opportunities.

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