Clinical Research Services

Clinical Research Services, The role of statistics in medical research starts at the design stage of a clinical trial or laboratory experiment to determine the look and size of an experiment that may ensure an honest prospect of detecting work effects of clinical or scientific interestStatistics is once more used during the analysis of information (sample data) to create inferences valid in an exceedingly wider population. In simple things computation of simple quantities like P-values, confidence intervals, standard deviations, standard errors or application of some standard parametric or statistic tests could do. Despite their wide use even these easy notions are typically misunderstood by research workers in different disciplines who have only a limited knowledge in statistics.

Clinical Research Services


At PValue Solutions, we help out clients make quality-of-life changes by analyzing the underlying crux of every business, that is The Data. Companies have data, but they cannot simply look at tables and come to a conclusion on how to maximize sales. This is where PValue Solutions comes in. We help the client clean up their data to show only relevant data, use the data to understand it, generate insights from it and present it to the client.


PValue Solutions takes care of the data analytics infrastructure and also apply advanced data analysis. This provides our customers with regular AD HOCreports, alerts, and predictions, as well as self-service analytics. As a result, the companies that make use of our managed analytics services can prioritize on accurate planning of their activities, take care of their business management, and optimize their business processes.


Book Your Service

You can submit your work to Your work will be immediately reviewed. So that, you will need to fill out the Application form and submit your work (topic, research objectives, the questionnaire used, and data file), personal verification Documents & work attachments.


Work Confirmation

Once you complete the application process, our support team will check the feasibility for the services. The feasibility will depend on the time taken, resources used & economic feasibility.    


Data Collection

Our statisticians will review the project and suggest the most suitable methods/tools/tests required. We have a team of highly trained statisticians with over seven years of experience in both academic and industry practices. Therefore, We have a vast experience in data collection, design of surveys and data analysis.


Data Analysis

Once the data collected, cleaned, and processed, the data will be ready for Analysis. During this phase, adequate data analysis tools and software will help us understand, interpret, and derive conclusions.

data analysis service



The analysis completed within the stipulated time, including the preparation of graphs, charts, and tables.


Reports and Communication

If you have any additional update regarding your work, you could send us an email or use the message board/Live Help to contact our support team


Final Submission & Review Help

After completion of the final draft, the remaining amount should paid. Once that done, we send the work through an email to you. We have a 7 days free revision policy as long as the instructions do not change from the previous/initial agreement. So this means that we accept to review the work within the first week after the submission of the order. Please note that you do not suppose to change the instructions from the initial instructions. In such scenarios, it will be charge accordingly.

WHAT YOU GET through the Clinical Research Services BY pvalue solutions

Powerpoint or PDF presentations

Visualization with charts and graphs.
Highlights of important facts and trends.

Excel or Google Sheets tables

Visualization with charts and graphs.
Pivot tables for each analyzed aspect.



We form the final price depending on the number of data sources, the consistency and structure of the initial data, the number and sophistication of reporting needed, and the type of alerts

Data management activities

The types (and complexities) of questions you’re interested in

The amount of data work required

Regular reports.


Regular data analysis

  • For actionable perspectives, get lots of raw data mined.
  • The results of analytics are constantly collected in various formats (reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, etc.).
  • Profit from various forms of  analysis (descriptive, predictive, diagnostic, etc.)
  • On a monthly subscription fee basis, think about outsourcing data collection to us.

One-time data analysis

  • Eager to get quick 
    understanding into the most urgent issue
  • Not in search 
    of long-term commitment.
  • For fixed price, we provide one-time data analysis services.

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