Teacher Aid/Assistance Certification

Teacher Aid/Assistance Certification allows individuals to work with lead teachers, assist with student instruction and perform classroom administrative duties. Another, This program is the least education level required for the occupation. Equally important, This program provides the skills and knowledge needed to  assist a leader in a classroom setting. Not only-but also, Since graduates will work with a younger audience, coursework often highlights the communication skills required to explain concepts in a simple manner. As well as, Some programs also emphasize early childhood or elementary school education. Likewise, Courses may include Child development, and Child psychology for elementary teachers, etc.

Why Choose A Teacher Aid/Assistance Certification?

Why PValue Solutions?

Class Structure

Online Learning

Benefits of learning through online are:

Learning Outcomes

Equally important, This course is for aspiring teachers who wants to engage better with their students. In this course you will learn:

Child and Young Person Development

Support Learning Activities

Safeguard the Welfare of Children and Young People

Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children and Young People

Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety


Another, Our trainers are qualified teaching experts with 4 years of seasoned working professionals. Also, that they have hands-on knowledge on many teaching projects in real-time. They offer their expertise in teaching the Teacher aid/assistant course in Kerala, particularly in Palai.

Career Services


Firstly, you will develop your career plan through a journey of self-reflection, and accomplishment with our help. So, This program is intended to assist you in seeking internships or jobs in line with your goals and aspirations.


Secondly, even outside the learning climate, PValue Solutions supports its students. Also too, providing them with advice and help in creating a clear professional profile that represents the most sought-after skills in the current job market


Lastly, we have achieved significant results in jobs and achievement of the ambitions of individual learners in our courses. Also, thanks to the determination of our students and the continuing work of our staff.

Admission Process

In the programs we provide, PValue Solutions strive hard to achieve the highest level of quality. That is why all applicants must undergo and successfully pass a screening procedure designed as follows. Thus, it ensures the eligibility of the candidates.

Course Fee:

Total Cost:₹35000 ₹30000 + 18% GST = ₹35,400/-


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Moreover, The applicant may be given a scholarship covering part of the total fee according to the person profile. Likewise, During the review of the candidate’s application, the eligibility for a potential scholarship will be determined by the academic committee of PValue Solutions.

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