Statistical Programming Service for Clinical Trials in India

PValue Solution's Biostatistics and Statistical Programmers have over 10 years of programming expertise on average. They have witnessed industry developments and are working to apply all of the most recent advances in data standards, technology, and industry needs to generate efficiency in your trial data. Our programmers are able to provide our clients with clean and precise clinical data throughout your software due to their rigorous QC process and client comments on their work.

Statistical Programming Services

Our expert SAS and R programmers have detailed knowledge of all Phases as well as experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas across the drug development spectrum, making them an ideal fit within existing project teams at client sites or as the foundation of new teams, forming long-term partnerships in Statistical Programming Service.

  • SAS and R Programming
  • Macro production, validation and optimization
  • Interim Analysis Support
  • Annual Clinical Trial Safety Updates
  • Analysis Datasets and TLFs Development, and QC for standard studies and Integrated Summaries

Clinical Trial Management, Biostatistics, Clinical Data Management, Statistical Programming, Safety Database, Medical Writing, Clinical Study Monitoring, Medical Monitoring, Clinical Project Management, Phase I Study Services, Statistical Consulting

Consultancy in Biostatistics
Our Biostatistics Consulting Group provides assistance with clinical development programmes and/or specific study protocols, such as study design, sample size determination, objective and endpoint characterization, and analysis methodologies.

This team of seasoned professionals routinely provides technical support for complex statistical methodology and adaptive design implementation, missing data handling, biosimilar study designs and methodology, regulatory guidance for strategic planning, and representation at meetings with global regulatory authorities.

Our Biostatistics and Statistical Programming team provides full-service support throughout the clinical development and commercialization processes. Our professional biostatisticians and statistical programmers are situated all over the world, especially in India and are educated in the most up-to-date methodologies and standards to ensure the success of your projects.

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