PValue Advocate Office Management System Software

PValue AOMS (Advocate Office Management System) is the best cloud-based lawyer software in India that allows you to handle any Advocate Office Management. This application can manage your Advocate, contract, case, and all facts; it is a full-service management system available in India.

PValue Advocate Office Management System is the software for lawyers, an automation package for administering an advocate's office's back-end operations. The suite includes modules such as Notices & Complaint Management, Case Management, Employee Management, and Client Management. Because the whole history of each case is available with a simple click, the programme assists advocates in managing their cases. The programme also assists them in successfully managing their redundant work in the form of alerts and grievances.

Why choose PValue AOMS

PValue Solutions has established a fantastic legal management software for sharing information with associates, clients, and branches, as well as assisting many people in many ways. The application is inexpensive, secure, and could be run on several devices at the same time by all users. PValue Advocate Management System Software has developed a system in which you can allocate responsibility to each team member and the team member can actively participate in-office jobs.

PValue AOMS, the best software for advocates, manages cases, legal matters, client interactions, and teamwork. It enables you and/or your team to be even more efficient, saves you a significant amount of time, and improves team cooperation as well as client and advocate relationships. It may function as your virtual office, allowing you to delegate work, take notes, check hearing dates, and keep track of teamwork from any internet-enabled device at any time. Here are some of the features of the advocate management software:


  • Contact
  • Opposite Lawyer
  • Lobbing List
  • Put Up Date
  • Appointment
  • Contact
  • Contact Category
  • Client
  • Client Category
  • Casuse
  • Casuse List
  • Add new Case
  • Case Category
  • Judgment Case
  • Closed Case
  • Video Resume Play
  • Court
  • Court Category
  • Task
  • To-Do List
  • Human Resource
  • Staff
  • Role
  • Attendance
  • Even
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Leave Type
  • Leave Define
  • Apply for Leave
  • Leave carry Forward
  • Leave Request
  • Pending Leave
  • Holiday Setup
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